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Jared's Story

Jared is the Director and Founder of the Miami Sound Institute and the South Beach Sound Healing Orchestra. He has been making, playing, teaching, and facilitating  sound journeys for 25 years. He crafts his own didgeridoos, shakers and flutes out of native palm trees and bamboo and his workshops have been featured all over the world. As a college professor, multi-instrumentalist and sound healer, he has been on the forefront of sound healing exploration since the late 1990’s. A master facilitator, his workshops are playful and interactive and provide a profound vibrational sound experience that transforms and energizes participants.



Jared believes that as a culture, now more than ever, as we find ourselves in the midst of a stress epidemic, it's important that we cultivate the art of group relaxation and healing to balance out the impact that modern technology and living is having on our minds, bodies, and nervous systems. His vision is to integrate alternative meditation practices such as yoga, tai chi, sound healing, acupuncture and massage into our everyday lives, work places, communities and educational centers.


As an experiential educator and multi-instrumentalist, he has been on the forefront of sound healing exploration by incorporating drumming and the didgeridoo into a variety of educational settings and healing modalities. Jared  facilitates sound healing workshops throughout the country for large and private groups at health centers, hotels, spas, wellness retreats, schools, for cancer and drug recovery patients, and for corporate team building events. 


Jared began to take interest in alternative health therapies after losing his mother to cancer in the mid 1990's. He began using sound as therapy while teaching poetry to homeless teenagers living in youth shelters and to incarcerated women in the prison system. In the 2000's he spent 10 years working with inner-city, at-risk youth, teenagers and disabled children where he utilized sound/music therapy on a daily basis while teaching digital literacy and filmmaking. Jared has a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from Florida State University and has an extensive background in learning design, multimedia production and workshop facilitation for learners of all ages and levels.


He brings a unique approach to workshop facilitation by blending modern-day design concepts and technology with ancient hand-made tribal tools and practices and eastern wisdom traditions.  He is a certified group sound healer in the Non-Somatic Extraordinary Vessel Healing system and is a student of Acutonics sound therapy.


Jared Bistrong is one of seven children born and raised in Miami. His family are descendants of the original “Conchs” (the earliest Florida settlers) who emigrated to Key West from the Bahamas in the mid 1800's. He lives in sunny Miami Beach with his wife and child, and dogs. 


Jared Bistrong



Jared Bistrong: Miami's Sound Healing Pioneer


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