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The Miami Sound Institute is the only experiential sound healing training program of its kind with a primary focus on developing seasoned sound healers. The MSI model is a fascinating & innovative healing system designed around daily cultivation practices focused on breathwork, movement and sound. It uses an ecosystem-based approach that uses sound as a catalyst to tune into our environment and helps promote change in our breathing and movement patterns, optimizing our overall health.

In a time when lack luster certification programs are ubiquitous, the Miami Sound Institute offers a refreshing student-centered training system that is a perfect blend of practice, theory and science. Students gain immediate access to the apprenticeship program by joining live sound healing events with The South Beach Sound Healing Orchestra. This unique learning and teaching experience is geared towards all levels with no experience necessary and helps individuals develop a sound healing practice that mirrors their own needs, talents and lifestyles.

Meet our Certified Sound Healing Practitioners

Miami Sound Institute Sound Healers have trained extensively and have hands-on experience facilitating one-on-one and group sound healings. 

Get Inspired

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Learn Hand Drumming, Sound Healing & More

Jared Bistrong offers weekly djembe drumming classes, as well as regular sound healing workshops. Have fun as you explore the world of vibrational sound healing. 


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